Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Inflation, interest rates, war in Europe, conflict in the Middle East, China asserting its’ position across the Pacific and Collingwood winning the Grand Final! There is much going on in the world at the moment that gives you pause for thought. HOWEVER, a good decision remains a good decision, regardless of factors positive or negative that may need to be considered.

With the barrage of news in the media – print, electronic and social, reminding us of the events noted above and others it is easy to let otherwise good decisions be overwhelmed by a negative bias with the result being they are not acted upon and the opportunity missed.

Interest rates and the economy do need to be considered when making a decision to allocate capital, as do matters that could impact our State and Nation along with your own personal position – financial and otherwise. They are however not the be all and end all. While this seems obvious it is sometimes hard in an uncertain environment not to let the negative overshadow or outweigh positive factors. If a new house is required for an expanding family to allow better family cohesion then that is a factor to also consider. If a larger site is required for an expanding business that will assist in lifting margins then that is a factor to consider. If an income stream from a tenanted investment property assists with the asset mix and levels of diversification within your super fund then that is a factor to consider. Ultimately these are positive needs that can be met leading to improved outcomes, regardless of certainty or uncertainty within markets.

The property market will throw up opportunities, in times of uncertainty, maybe more than it would otherwise. The wind will not always be at our backs but as sailors know there is always a way to move forward even if it’s coming straight at you.

If you have a need to be met then I think now is a good time to have your eyes open.

If you would like to discuss the property market further or your needs, I would be happy to do so and can be reached on 0408 569 366. Please note this is not financial advice and should not be construed or relied upon as financial advice. The comment provided above is general in nature and reflects personal opinion only.

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